Ramsey Fm30b Digital Fm Stereo Transmitter Kit

Ramsey Fm30b Digital Fm Stereo Transmitter Kit
Ramsey Electronics FM30B Stereo Transmitter Kit Factory Sealed. These Units Transmit With Amazing Clarity And Punch. This Kit Requires Electronic Component Assembly. We Do Not To P.O. Boxes. The FM30 Is Designed Around An RF Tight Vinyl Clad Metal Enclosure For Noise And Interference Operation. All Settings Are Done Without Taking The Cover Off! Enter The Setup Mode From The Front Panel And Step Through The Menu To Make All Of Your Adjustments. A Two Line LCD Display Shows You All The Settings! In Addition To The LCD Display, A Front Panel LED Indicates The PLL Lock So You Know You Are Transmitting. Besides Frequency Selection, Front Panel Control And Display Gives You 256 Steps Of Audio Volume (left And Right Combined) As Well As RF Output Power. A Separate Balance Setting Compensates For Left/right Differences In Audio Level. In Addition To Settings, The LCD Display Shows You “Quality Of Signal” To Help You Set Your Levels For Optimum Sound Quality. And Of Course, All Settings Are Stored In The Non-volatile Memory For Future Use! The Design Includes EMI Filters On Line Level Audio And Power Inputs, And A State Of The Art Micro Strip PCB Inductor To Reduce Microphonics For The Ultimate In Alignment Operation. RF Output Is Through A Professional Well Shielded Rear Panel BNC Connector For A Perfect Antenna Match. Standard RCA Connectors Are Used For Left And Right Line Level Audio Inputs. The FM30 Operates On A 13.8 To 16VDC And Include A 15VDC Plug In Power Supply. The Stylish Metal Case Measures 5.55″W X 6.45″D X 1.5″H And Is A Perfect Match With Your Computer To Broadcast Your Music Files Throughout Your House. Model – Fm30
Brand – Ramsey
Supported Modes – Fm



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