Eiji Tsuburaya Master Of Monsters Hardcover 2007 Sci-fi August Ragone Godzilla

Eiji Tsuburaya Master Of Monsters Hardcover 2007 Sci-fi August Ragone Godzilla
Here Is A Very Nice Copy Of A Tribute To A Man Devoted To His Craft, Eiji Tsuburaya; Master Of Monsters. He Was Master Of Much More Than Monsters, But Of Course His Pioneering Work With Miniatures And Man-in-monster Suit Special Effects Have Earned Him A Special Recognition And Affection In Cinema History. Working With Budgets That Were Merely A Fraction Of The Special Effects Films Of Today, Tsuburaya Created A Universe Of Color And Imagination Out Of Necessity, Requiring A Suspension Of Disbelief In The Viewer That Seems To Diminish With The Hardening Effects Of Age. But Those Not Subject To Digital-age Mass Hypnosis And Unimpressed By The Pasteurization Required For Board-room Approval Of Film Production Today Can Still Connect With The Fantastic Universe Eiji Tsuburaya Created. "Behind-the-scenes Hero To Anyone Who’s Thrilled By Giant Monsters Duking It Out Over Tokyo, Eiji Tsuburaya Was The Visual Effects Mastermind Behind Godzilla, Ultraman, And Numerous Japanese Science Fiction Movies And TV Shows Beloved Around The World. The First Book On This Legendary Film Figure In English, This Highly Visual Biography Details His Fascinating Life And Career, Featuring Hundreds Of Film Stills, Posters, Concept Art, And Delightful On-set Photos Of Tsuburaya Prompting Monsters To Crush Landmark Buildings. A Must-have For Fans, This Towering Tribute Also Features Profiles Of Tsuburaya’s Film Collaborators, Details On His Key Films And Shows (most Available On DVD), And Features On The Enduring Popularity Of The Characters He Helped Create." Model – WH4cd0a58813c3be6b
Year Printed – 2007
Binding – Hardcover
Special Attributes – 1st Edition Illustrated
Subject – Performing Arts



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