Amazing Spider-man #9 Cgc 5.0 Ow/wh Pages

Amazing Spider-man #9 Cgc 5.0 Ow/wh Pages
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9 CGC 5.0 OW/WH PAGES Origin/1st Appearance Of Electro. Pressed. Questions: Call/Text Greg 240-575-8600 Not Sure Who We Are/never Dealt With Us? We Have Been Buying/selling Comic Books For 20+ Years. Simply Do An Internet Search For "Greg Reece" To Get References Or Call/text 240-575-8600 And We Will Happily Provide References. Buy With Confidence. Overstreet Advisor. CGC Member-Dealer Be Sure To Add Me To Your Favorites List! USPS Priority Shipping: $15 US / $30 CANADA / $45 WORLDWIDE Up To 4 CGC/CBCS Slabs For The Same Price. $2 Each Additional Slab. * IMPORTANT* If You Purchase More Than 1 Slab, Please Wait For Us To Invoice You So We Can Combine For You. Model – WH38bf8f231110b594
Publisher – Marvel / Timely / Atlas
Certification – Cgc
Grade – 5.0


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