75″ Faver Skid Steer Grapple Buckets Loader Root Rakes Attachment – John Deere

75″ Faver Skid Steer Grapple Buckets Loader Root Rakes Attachment – John Deere
TOP HIGH PERFORMANCE SKID STEER GRAPPLES SEE OURYouTube VIDEO FAVER MODEL 759-X SEVERE DUTY GRAPPLE ROOT RAKE BUCKET FOR LOADERS SUPPORTING THE UNIVERSAL STEER QUICK ATTACH MOUNT. 75" Raking Width, 46" Opening, 1043 Lbs.Rake And Claw Tines Are Cut From 180,000 Psi Tensile Steel, Much Stronger And Wear Resistant Than T-1 Steel And The Rake Tines Are A Full 1" Thick. Extreme Strength Eliminates The Need For Bracing At Tine Ends Leaving Them Open To Lose Dirt While Raking. Main Cross Beam Utilizes A 4" X 4" X 3/8" Wall Square Tube, Much Heavier Than The Industry Norm. Maximum Clamping Performance Is Provided First By 3000 P.s.i. Cylinders Boasting A 3" Bore X 8" Stroke. Bending Under Severe Loads Is Prevented With 1 1/2" Diameter Cylinder Rods. Cylinder Rods Are Aimed Directly Into Claw Cross Tubes Giving Maximum Strength And Providing Ultimate Support For Even The Toughest Abuse. Cylinders Are Covered With Solid Clamp Style Covers, Cut From 3/8" Solid Plate And Built To Endure Severe Pounding. Grapple Claws Clamp Down Extremely Hard In All Positions. Performance Is Further Maximized Through Our Quick Attach Mount Being Built Directly Into The Main Frame Of The Brush Rake, Preventing Distortion Under Abuse. Rakes Forward And In Reverse.From The Ground Up, Faver Grapple Rakes Are Built To Give Ultimate Performance In Highly Abusive Applications. Can Be Ordered Without The Skid Steer Quick Attach Mount For Easy Adaption To Other Loaders.Please Call With Questions, Current Availability And Lead Time: 888-54-FAVER Quoted Separate, Call For Quote: 419-345-3966 For More Online Information Visit: Www.faverinc.com FAVER – High Performance Equipment You Can Depend On See Our Store For All Models: Faver Grapple RakesPlease Visit Our Website: Www.faverinc.com Model – 759-x
Make – Faver
Type – Grapple Rake



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