Original Cuban Silkscreen Poster”encuentro De Revistas Caribeñas”signed B Artist

Original Cuban Silkscreen Poster”encuentro De Revistas Caribeñas”signed B Artist
Cuban Movie Posters Were Made Using The Handmade Silkscreen Process. Aesthetically, The Paint, Applied In Thick Layers Gave These Posters A Unique Texture That Is Closer To A Painting Than To Posters. Artistically They Are Among The Best Designed In The World And Many Prizes Were Awarded To Their Creators. For More Information About The History Of Cuban Posters And His Artists, Visit My Page At Artofcuba.com. Includes A Certificate Of Authenticity From CubanPosters. TITLE: Encounter Of Caribbean Magazines YEAR: 2009 ARTIST: Pepe Menendez (Signed In Pencil By The Artist) MEDIUM: Silkscreen On Paper. SIZE: 19.5"x27.5"= 49x70cm CONDITION And GRADE: 1 (see Scale Bellow) COMMENTS: I Only Have One Copy Of Each Title. These Modern Posters Are Made By The New Generation Of Young Artists That Were Trained Under The Old School Of Cuban Design From Decades Before. In My Opinion They Are Revitalizing The Design Industry And They Are Doing A Great Job. I Found That The Production Of These Posters Is Very Short. In Most Cases, Less Than 50 Copies Is The Standard, Making Them Posters Very Desirable For Collectors. This Is A Simple Grading Scale I Developed For Silkscreen Movie Posters. I’d Been An Avid Collector For Almost 20 Years And I’ve Seen Thousands Of Them. I Was Part Of The Poster Scene And Met Many Of The Artists. I Read Everything Is Printed About Cuban Posters. With Every Original Poster I Will Send You A Certificate Of Authenticity Legally Graded And Signed By Me. 1-MINT. This Spot Is Reserved Only For Those Lucky Posters That Were Acquired While New By Collectors That Luckily Like Them So Much, That Kept Them In A Acid-free And Temperature-humidity Controlled Environment. Even Under These Circumstances, Yellowing Of The Paper Is Expected. 2-VERY GOOD- The Poster Is Complete. Painting Is Smooth And Bright. Some Small Tears Around The Border Might Be Present As Long As They Are Repaired To Avoid Further Damage. 3-AVERAGE-Here Lies Every Poster That Is Still Beautiful Enough To Be Framed And Admired, Waiting For The Day When It Will Be So Valuable And Rare That Sending Your Poster To A Professional Restorer Will Be An Investment (Check Posterfix On ). Small Bug Bites, Cracking In The Paint, Light Folds, Repairable Tears And Water Stains Are Fine As Long As The Flaw Does Not Interfere With The Beauty And Integrity Of The Image. 4-FAIR- I Have Many Many Beauties That Fall In This Category. It Is Reserved To The Neglected Poster. The One Who Spent Years And Years Rolled In Top Of A Closet In Humid Havana Or Under The Beds To Keep Them Flat. Also Those Who Were Glued To The Walls 5-BAD- This Place Is Only For The Poster That Is Beyond Repair BUT Is Still Collectible Because It Has More Than 40 Years, Only 50 Were Made And Probably This One Is The Only One In Existence. I Included Are Some Closeups From The Actual Poster For Best Visualization Of Its Condition. Original Cuban Posters Are Becoming Highly Collectable And Because Of Their Scarcity Many Are Being Reproduced . Our Posters Are Sent In Strong, Wide And Sturdy Tubes With Protective Paper To Prevent Damage To The Edges. Please Check Out Our Other Auctions And Store. If You See Any Other Posters You Like, We Can Combine Multiple Items In One Tube. Cubanposters Appreciates Your Business And We Do Not Charge Extra If You Buy More Than One Item. THANK YOU! Model – WH98ca125b5c6e910e


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